Caring for Asphalt After Driveway Resurfacing in Essex Junction VT

Investing in driveway resurfacing in Essex Junction VT is wise for any business or homeowner. Resurfacing the top layers when signs of wear and tear start to show avoids the need to completely redo the entire driveway. That would entail removing all the layers of asphalt and beginning again from the drainage stage to the final surface. Resurfacing involves only the top two layers and restores the condition of the driveway. Placing a seal coating on top of that is highly recommended to prolong the integrity and look of the new surface.

It takes new asphalt three to six months to completely harden. Until then extra care should be taken to prevent damage to the new surface. Once the project is completed, wait at least three days before using the driveway. If the weather is extremely hot, waiting five days is better. Park the vehicle in different spots of the driveway each day. The reason for that is to prevent depressions from forming on the asphalt before it fully sets. The driveway will be soft for the first week or two so it is susceptible to damage from bicycle kick stands, lawn furniture, and high heels. Keep that in mind so small holes will not be left on the surface. The end result of that will be moisture infiltrating the layers causing cracking and crumbling.

Other things to avoid After driveway resurfacing in Essex Junction VT include excessive weight on the driveway, and adding pressure to any one spot. Campers, recreational vehicles, trailers, and loaded pickup trucks can be parked on the street rather than being placed in the driveway. Pressure can be added by backing out or pulling into the driveway too fast. When using a jack, place a piece of plywood down first. The wood will help evenly distribute the weight on the jack instead of creating a sunken area. The edges of the driveway are the weakest points so try not to park on them. Be sure the vehicle(s) are more toward the center of the driveway. Chemical spills, such as oil, antifreeze, and gas will deteriorate soft asphalt. Once the seal coating is completely dry, that will help keep the chemicals on the surface for a longer period of time while clean up can be done.

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