Bringing the Right Items to Campus Can Help You Start Off Right

When people move into off-campus apartments, they’re really excited. In many cases, this will be their first time living alone. In regular on-campus housing, many of the things you need are supplied for you. When you move off campus, many of the things you need will need to be provided by you, however you will need to have some things too. Following are just some of the things that you should think about when moving into Florida State off-campus housing.

Plates, Dishes, and Cutlery
Make sure that you have the basics that you’ll need to do the type of cooking that you do. If you’re someone who doesn’t cook a lot, basic pots and pans, plates, and a simple cutlery set should suffice. If you’re someone who loves to plan elaborate meals, think of all the things that you cook and make sure that you have the tools needed to make each item.

Keep It Cozy
Even though your off-campus housing accommodations may look lovely, they don’t have your personal touch. Bring the things that will make the space yours. This includes your favorite pieces of art, cozy rugs, and special lamps. All of these touches can turn even the most simple place into the home.

Basic Cleaning Supplies
Keeping your home clean and tidy will help keep your space feeling lovely. Simple cleansers, bleach, wash rags, and a vacuum cleaner can help you keep your space looking spotless.

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