Brighten A Smile With Teeth Whitening Services In Englewood, NJ

Does your smile look a little less pearly white than you’d like it to be? Teeth whitening services in Englewood, NJ can lighten the shade of teeth to a whiter smile. The condition of the teeth will determine whether teeth whitening can be performed. The use of whitening toothpaste will remove surface stains, but will not whiten the teeth to the brightest shade of white an individual is looking for. The use of over-the-counter whitening strips can actually discolor the teeth. Often times, they slide, and only a portion of the tooth will be whitened while another section remains dark. Professional whitening through a dentist’s office is the best solution for a whiter smile.

Visiting a dentist’s office for Teeth Whitening Services in Englewood, NJ provides the fastest way for whiter teeth. Bleach is placed on the teeth and the lights sometimes used in combination with the bleach. Within 30-60 minutes, the teeth will already be noticeably whiter. In-home teeth whitening systems can take up to six weeks to notice any difference. Although in-home kits contact peroxide and bleach, the concentration of the agents are much lower than at a dentist office. Another benefit of visiting a dentist office for teeth whitening services is the customization of the whitening.

A dentist will first take an impression of the patient’s teeth. Once the mold is made, a much tighter fit will occur with this custom-designed tray for whitening. The tray will snugly fit against the teeth with the whitening solution. This creates a much better opportunity for every inch of the teeth to be equally whitened. In a dentist’s office, the tray will have much less of a chance to permit the whitening material to touch the gums which can cause irritation. The dentist’s office offers additional protective measures to the gums. One measure may be to place a gel protection along the gumline. Another option for protection from the whitening agent is a rubber shield.

If enjoying a whiter smile is important, it’s recommended to visit a dentist for the professional whitening an individual desires. For teeth whitening and more great dental solutions, please feel free to visit us.

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