Brick Pavers in South Windsor CT for Hard-Surface Landscaping Features

With some imagination, paper and colored pencils, a homeowner can come up with a lovely landscaping design for the yard. Some homeowners would rather use a computer program and graphics, but the concept is the same. Many people like getting ideas by using home and garden magazines; they might cut out photos of features they particularly appreciate. For various hard-surface features in the landscaping, Brick Pavers in South Windsor CT provide a traditional and yet uncommon look in the yard. These pavers are a nice change of pace from the plain gray concrete that is typically used for hard surfaces.

Brick Pavers in South Windsor CT are suitable for paths in gardens and for a subtle one leading from the back door to a certain part of the yard. Brick paths can wind through vegetable and flower gardens, making the plants easier to attend to. When the gardens are wet, nobody has to traipse through the mud to do any weeding or harvesting. If an elderly person finds walking on grass or dirt is too unsteady, the paved path is a welcome addition.

Brick pavers also can be used for a patio, an outdoor cooking area, the driveway and sidewalks. They have an old-fashioned flair that complements many styles of houses, yet their stylish appeal makes them suitable for very modern abodes. They’re available in a variety of colors, so homeowners aren’t restricted to red or reddish-brown hues that they may commonly associate with this material.

A brick path might lead to a bench, where people can relax and enjoy the beauty of the yard features. A service such as Kelman Lawn & Landscape can install the pavers along with various other landscaping features, such as a small pool with a fountain that attracts birds and butterflies. It’s enjoyable to meander along the brick path and sit on a bench near this water feature, listening to the sounds of the fountain and the birds singing nearby. Because of the pavers, bird feeders become easier to fill and birdbaths easier to empty, clean and refill. Further information is available at the website or Facebook page.

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