Botox in Chicago Can Treat More Than Wrinkles

Everyone knows Botox in Chicago can help smooth out a patient’s face, helping to slow down or even halt the appearance of aging. Celebrities far and wide have turned to Botox for this very reason, as have a number of other men and women in society. However, receiving Botox in Chicago can treat more than wrinkles – it can help with an entire range of health issues. Here are just a few additional things receiving Botox in Chicago can treat.

Sore, Stiff Muscles

Serious injuries, such as whiplash or sports-related strains, can cause incredible sore, stiff muscles. Even small, simple movements can feel impossible, or can result in unspeakable pain, when these types of injuries are sustained. One way to treat this serious problem is with Botox. Chicago is home to a number of clinics offering these services, and they can help with a patient manage the pain caused by overly sore, stiff muscles. Botox is usually injected into the location of the pain. For example, with whiplash, the Botox would be injected into the patient’s neck and scapula, resulting in almost immediate pain relief.

Migraine Headaches

In the same way that Botox in Chicago can treat whiplash and other muscle-related pain, it can be used to relieve the incredible pain of a migraine headache. Some patients are bedridden with migraines, and find themselves resistant to other, traditional, treatments such as heavy painkillers or daily, preventative care. The Botox is injected into the forehead, and as with stiff muscles, can result in instant relief from the incredible pain.

Vocal Restoration

Not many people are aware of a condition called spasmodic dysphonia, but it can be debilitating to those who suffer from it. Spasmodic dysphonia is basically a disease that affects the larynx, turning your normal, lyrical voice into one that sounds as though you are being strangled. Many people who suffer develop social anxiety, and find themselves losing friends, family, and job opportunities. Botox in Chicago can help treat this debilitating condition. Surgeons will inject the Botox into the vocal cord, temporarily relieving the patient of the condition. Treatment needs to be repeated every three months or so, in order to maintain results.

Overactive Sweat Glands

Having overactive sweat glands is another condition that causes many people to develop severe social anxiety, preventing them from living their lives to the fullest. Botox injections can help with that – and can help improve a patient’s overall quality of life. The Botox is injected into the overactive gland, causing it to cease its increased activity for a period of time. The results aren’t permeant, but patients can come in once the injection has worn off, to receive another.

To learn more about how Botox in Chicago can treat more than wrinkles, contact Chicagoland Aesthetics.

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