Best Times To Use An Ice Luge in Long Island, NY

Ice sculptures are impressive on their own. When they are transformed into an ice luge, they make an even more significant impact on the crowd at a party or event. An ice luge is an ice sculpture carved from a block of ice with channels drilled into it through which drinks are poured. Though almost any kind of drink works with an ice luge, most people use vodka or tequila.

Those planning an event might consider adding an ice luge as the next level of fun. So, when are the best times to use an ice luge in Long Island, NY? Read on for more information.


Weddings are the perfect event for an ice luge. Couples that want to add a little spice to their reception can encourage their friends and family to take a drink from it. An ice luge can be made in any shape sculpture, so many couples will choose a heart or something else significant to the bride and groom.


What better way to celebrate an adult’s birthday than with an ice luge? Party organizers can step up the fun by turning their friend or family member’s favorite thing into an ice sculpture and inviting guests to drink from it. With an Ice Luge in Long Island, NY, everyone is sure to remember the party for years to come.

Holiday Parties

Whether it is a family or office event, holiday parties are a great time to order an ice luge. Guests can drink vodka or eggnog straight from an ice sculpture in the shape of a Christmas tree. For those who prefer non-alcoholic beverages, eggnog would do just fine!

Public Events

Individuals can make a good impression at public events, like a fundraiser, by ordering a custom ice luge. Ice luges will amp up the crowd, get members involved, and bring the event to life. Adding an ice luge can help make any public event a huge success.

The Bottom Line

Ice luges make a big impression on guests at a wide range of events. Individuals who are looking for an ice luge supplier can visit Ice Fuel LI for more information. Make the party memorable and order a custom ice luge today.

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