Benefits of Vinyl Siding

Apart from improving the look of a home and being almost maintenance free, vinyl siding provides many additional benefits. Concord siding is a reasonable alternative to other kinds of siding which provides durability, easy care, and style. Because it requires less resources to maintain and manufacture, and because it’s recyclable, vinyl siding also is an eco-friendly option. Ibarra Moon Contractors is your go-to source for all your vinyl siding and roofing needs.

Vinyl siding comprises of Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) resins, mixed with additional elements to boost color retention, flexibility, and durability. Acrylic elements assist vinyl siding in resisting denting, as well as exposure to harsh weather conditions, like frigid climates. Titanium dioxide and additional chemicals are added in order to protect the color from sunlight exposure and prevent chalking and fading.

Because pigments are combined with the Poly Vinyl Chloride resins, vinyl siding has a penetrating, deep color which goes all of the way through the material, instead of paint on the surface. It’ll keep blemishes and scratches from being noticeable. With aluminum or wood siding, a scratch will remove the pigment, permitting the initial shade to show through the surface color.

One other benefit of the color process is the truth that vinyl siding never has to be painted or scraped as with other materials. A periodic washing using a sprayer or hose and mild detergent is all that’s necessary. The water will not damage vinyl siding, or vinyl gutters and downspouts. Vinyl doesn’t rot, crack or rust the way metal and wood do. With occasional cleaning and proper installation, your siding ought to last and look fantastic for years to come.

Some vinyl siding brands also provide special features, like perforations allowing moisture to escape. It’ll prevent condensation, mildew and mold, and vinyl doesn’t attract insects in the way that wood siding does. Most vinyl siding manufacturers additionally offer a competitive warranty.

Maybe the most critical benefit of such siding is its affordability. It’s currently one of the most commonly used synthetics in construction due to of its price and quality. Vinyl siding may cost anywhere from 25 percent to around 50 percent less than aluminum and wood siding, which makes it the best in overall value. To learn more on our Concord siding services, contact Ibarra Moon at (704) 559-9330.

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