Benefits of Vaping Compared to Smoking

The same question which is asked by many people; why should they begin to vape? When thinking about traditional cigarettes, they are legal, mostly controlled, and everywhere. E-cigs currently are not under any controls, they are uncommon, and complicated when compared. When comparing to traditional cigarettes, e-cigs are relatively new to a worldwide market worth approximately $3 billion. It is estimated that in America alone, there are about 4 million e-cig users. The majority of vapers use them for the replacement of traditional cigarettes, and some use them to assist them with quitting smoking. With the use of Ruthless e-juice, Boom e-juice, and many other brands, smokers are able to have virtually any flavor vape they choose when leaving traditional cigarettes.

More Affordable

The cost of a traditional pack of cigarettes in each state is constantly on the rise. With some states, each pack costing a smoker up to eleven dollars, and going up all the time. This is an extremely costly habit for a pack-a-day smoker. For people who decide to vape, they can spend half the amount a smoker does annually. Boom e-juice and e-cigs cost considerably less than traditional cigarettes.

Nothing to Clean

When vaping with Boom e-juice or other brands of e-juice, there is no mess like traditional cigarettes leave. Smoking leaves a nasty residue, cigarette butts, and ash all over. Even when vaping in the same location continually, there is no residue on walls. Vapers are happy to find there are no yellow teeth from the use of an e-cig, unlike when smoking traditional cigarettes.

Less Hazardous Than Traditional Cigarettes  

Although some may say e-cigs are hazardous to use, smoking traditional cigarettes pose much more of a risk. There is more than 7,000 chemical in cigarette smoke, with 69 of them being known to cause cancer. Use of an e-cig with Boom e-juice or another brand of e-juice does not expose users to smoke inhalation because actual smoke is not what is being inhaled.

Different Nicotine Strengths

When shopping for e-cigs and e-juice, users are able to purchase them with different strengths of nicotine. Some e-juice contain zero amount of nicotine. When deciding to quit traditional cigarettes, people are able to wean themselves off nicotine by lowering their dose of nicotine gradually.

Many Different Flavors

Many vapers enjoy e-cigs with different flavors. Because there is no tobacco in an e-cig, vapers are able to purchase e-liquids with flavors very easily. There is a wide range of flavors available from different brands, such as Boom e-juice.

When deciding to vape, try one of the many different flavors available to help wean you off the nicotine habit.

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