Benefits of Pet Boarding Over In-Home Dog Sitting in Omaha, NE

When dog owners head out of town on vacations, more often than not they have to leave their furry friends at home. There are two basic options when it comes to ensuring the animal will be cared for. Pet owners can either bring their dog to a pet boarding facility or look into in-home Dog Sitting in Omaha NE.

Those who are leaving their companion animals for the first time may have trouble making this important decision. They can read on to find out why most pet owners are better off having their dogs boarded professionally than finding someone to care for them in their homes.

All-Day Care

Most pet sitters will just stop by periodically to check on a dog, take the animal out for a walk, and make sure plenty of food and water are available. The best-case scenario for pet sitting is paying someone to stay in the house with the dog, but even then there’s no guarantee the animal will actually be getting around-the-clock care. At a boarding facility, dogs are attended 24 hours a day, so there’s no reason for owners to be concerned about their pets being left alone.

Social Time

Friendly dogs that are brought to boarding facilities are typically offered opportunities to play with the other boarders. That socialization can provide a much-needed distraction from any separation anxiety the dog might be experiencing due to his or her owner’s absence. Plus, at least one staff member will be around at all times to offer comfort, exercise, and stimulation, all of which can really make a big difference in a dog’s quality of life.

No Worries About Property Damage

Dogs that suffer from separation anxiety often wind up taking their anxieties out on the furniture, which can lead to some unpleasant surprises when their owners arrive home from their trips. In theory, in-home Dog Sitting in Omaha NE should prevent this problem but, in practice, no dog sitter will be able to watch the animal’s every move. There’s no need to worry about this when a dog is boarded at a pet resort.

Learn More Today

Know it’s time to start looking into options for boarding a beloved family pet and want to make sure he or she gets the best possible care? Check out today.

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