Benefits of Opting For an Open MRI Machine For Your Scan in Orlando

If you have an ailment or injury, your doctor may refer you to an Orlando diagnostic imaging facility for an MRI scan. Why not ask your doctor if an open MRI scan is possible for your appointment? You can enjoy the following benefits of opting for an open MRI scan for your procedure.

Physical Comfort

A traditional MRI machine can restrict your movements, which may result in lying in an uncomfortable position. You are not as restricted in an open MRI machine, so you are free to lie in a more comfortable position for your scan. This is ideal if you are already suffering from a painful ailment or injury.

Peace of Mind

When you talk to your doctor about an open MRI scan at an Orlando diagnostic imaging facility, you are taking the steps necessary for your mental health. The open MRI machine eliminates the walls that cause you to feel trapped inside a small space. It also reduces feelings of confinement, discomfort and anxiety.

Ease of Procedure

There is nothing like needing a second scan to increase your stress and anxiety. However, your doctor may need another scan if they cannot read the results because it was difficult to scan your body. When you look into an open MRI machine, you are making it easier for your radiologist to scan the target area.

If you have your choice of Orlando diagnostic imaging facilities for your open MRI scan, consider Open MRI of Orlando. You can schedule an appointment by visiting

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