Before the Home Movers Come – Some Preparations to Make

Home movers are able to make moving tasks much easier, but even with their help, there are some things you will still need to do yourself in preparation. Don’t forget your own responsibilities during the process, even after you have hired the help – problems can occur if you do. Please review below some of the items that Huntsville homeowners need to take care of and add to their action item lists.

Non-Movable Items
Some items, at least in many cases, simply cannot be taken by home movers. Huntsville residential moving customers need to be aware of these items. For instance many moving companies cannot be held responsible for the loss of certain expensive and prohibited items that are transported which may include expensive collections, such as those for coins, or certain types of very expensive jewelry. Other items, such as extremely important documents may fall under this category. Read your specific contract to know the specific items.

Moving Your Pet
Yes, your pet is moving with you as well! Of course your pet will not be transported in the moving vans or trucks along with all of your material belongings, so you will need to make the proper arrangements for the proper care and transport of your furry friend. If you are traveling to your new destination by car or plane, or even train, you’ll need to take the necessary steps to ensure the needs of your pet are met, including food, medications in case of sickness, etc. You may also need a travel kennel.

Relocating Your Plants
If it is a long one may be difficult to endure for any household plants, or greener you may be moving. Some home movers may have a policy that they will not move plants if the mileage distance exceed a certain limit. So you may need to plan on transporting them in your own vehicles. You may also want to check on any regulations with the USDA that may prohibit the transport of plants, such as citrus plants, to a new location.

Overall, be sure to take care of the personal moving tasks that come with every move – those for which your professional home movers are not responsible.

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