Basic Facts About Lemon Laws That Every Consumer Needs to Know About

Cars, trucks, and other consumer motor vehicles are often some of the most expensive items that people purchase in their lifetimes. Every state in the United States offers protection against purchasing automobiles that have ongoing debilitating issues that consumers weren’t informed of prior to purchase. These protections are known as lemon laws. If you’re not too familiar with lemon laws in Chicago, IL, look no further. Here are some things everyone needs to know about them.

What Are Lemons?

As far as lemon laws are concerned, lemons are vehicles that meet two criteria:

  • The vehicle must have monumental defects that are covered by a warranty. These defects must have appeared within the time-owned or miles-driven limit outlined by the vehicle’s particular warranty.
  • The vehicle is unable to be repaired even after a reasonable number of attempts at fixing the defects.

What Cars Are Covered Under Lemon Laws?

When it comes to lemon laws for cars, not all vehicles are covered. The majority of states across the nation only consider new cars to fall under their lemon law protections. To see if your state affords you lemon law rights, you should look online or consult an attorney who specializes in protections regarding lemon laws for cars.

How Common Are Lemons?

Current statistics indicate that about one percent of new cars sold in the Chicago, IL, area each year are considered lemons. In other words, this works out to about 150,000 cars a year. This statistic does, in fact, include used cars but only in states that afford lemon law protections to buyers of used cars.

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