Bail Bondsmen in Stamford CT Assist Defendants Charged With Larceny

Some criminal charges with relatively high bail amounts are not violent offenses. Being charged with stealing items of substantial value, for instance, can lead to a hefty bail amount set by a judge. The defendant may need the help of bail bondsmen in Stamford CT if he or she can afford to pay for a surety bond but cannot afford the full cash bail.

Larceny Charges

Shoplifting an item of low or moderate value from a store usually results in charge of petty theft or petty larceny. However, if someone manages to swipe an expensive item or two, the charge may be a felony. With all the security measures in place today in retail settings, it’s difficult to get away with higher-level theft, but some men and women try. If caught, they may need the assistance of bail bondsmen in Stamford CT to regain their freedom.

There are various levels of larceny charges under Connecticut state laws, some as misdemeanors and some as felonies. Stealing an amount of merchandise worth more than $2,000 is a felony. A judge can sentence a defendant convicted of third-degree felony larceny of up to five years in prison. However, a first-time offender is likely to receive a significantly more lenient sentence.

Guilty as Charged

People who have been arrested for these offenses are understandably scared as they wait behind bars. They may be guilty of the crime, but they have not yet been convicted so they feel they should not have to stay in jail. They may be hoping to work out a plea bargain with the help of a defense attorney that would allow them a sentence of probation instead of jail time.

Innocent Defendants

In some instances, the prosecution is unable to prove guilt or even drops the charges for lack of evidence or some other intervening circumstance. It might turn out that a prankster slipped a piece of expensive jewelry into the person’s coat pocket, for example. This may be verified by surveillance. Before the charges are dropped, the defendant can be released from jail with the help of Aces Bail Bonds. Check out more information at the website.

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