Bail Bonding Services in Mansfield TX and Other Options for Gaining Release From Jail

Because aspects of the justice system are addressed in the U.S. Constitution, it would seem that all jurisdictions would follow the same rules. Instead, jurisdictions, counties and states set some of their own rules in regard to various aspects. For example, one county may have different bail requirements than another county for the same offense. Bail Bonding Services in Mansfield TX are available to help people who cannot afford cash bail.

Other Possible Options

However, some states do not allow bail bond agencies to do business there. That can cause problems as the defendant tries to come up with $10,000 or $20,000 for cash bail, which may be impossible. In some instances, the courts offer a bond system so defendants can secure their release with 10 percent of the bail amount. They also may accept collateral, such as real estate.

Another option is available to members of certain organizations, such as AAA, commonly called Triple A. This organization offers bail bonds up to a certain amount for its members. However, the bond can only be used for a limited number of offenses, such as specific traffic offenses that can land the driver in jail.

Regaining Freedom

Nevertheless, many men and women are forced to stay in jail until the case ends simply because they cannot find a way to pay their bail. They remain behind bars until the case ends even though they haven’t yet been convicted of a crime. If they had access to assistance from an agency like those providing Bail Bonding Services in Mansfield TX, they might be able to go home.

In this country, freedom usually is not free before trial, a plea bargain, case dismissal or charges being dropped. Defendants are usually not offered Jail Release on their own recognizance. The court trusts those individuals enough to show up for their court dates without requiring a monetary guarantee. Bail is refundable, but with so many people unable to afford it, they are willing to pay the fee for a bond so they can be released. They seek help from an agency such as Ronnie D. Long Bail Bonds.

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