Avoiding Errors During Garage Construction

by | Nov 29, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

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Having a garage built is a common home improvement project; this is especially true for those that have just moved into a home that lacks storage space for the car. A new garage is also ideal when you have purchased a new asset such as a boat, RV, or snowmobile.

Garage construction in Indiana is far less complicated than building a house, but planning and building one is not without potential problems. A few of the more common mistakes that are made and a few tips on how to avoid them in the first follows:

Not considering house design:

Many people will design a garage that fails to take into account the design of the house. The garage does not have to be a “miniature” of the house, but the two structures certainly should be complementary to one another.

If your house design is simple, stick with this as a theme. If however, your house is quite distinctive, it is important that a few design elements from the house are incorporated into the garage.

No plans for the future:

It is easy to plan and undertake garage construction in Indiana based on the situation today; but what about tomorrow. It is hard to predict exactly what your family situation will be in the future but in most cases, you can accommodate change effectively. Stay away from the extremes; if you drive a sports car today, do not build a small garage to accommodate it. If you have kids in high school, do not plan to house their cars in a garage, as they will be moving on with their lives in a few short years.

Failure to use available space:

Although the primary use of a garage is to store cars, most garages have more than enough space to do other things. If you have always wanted a workshop, plan for it now. If you need additional storage, plan for it now. Dedicated storage and even a loft does not add a great deal to the cost but does a great deal to the value of your home.

The little mistakes made during garage construction in Indiana can be overcome by paying attention to detail. Plan well, ensure the garage is constructed in accordance with your local building code and is in harmony with your house.

Garage construction in Indiana will go a lot smoother, and you will be happier if you spend time up front making practical decisions. To discuss your new garage, contact the Garage Guys of Indiana, Inc.

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