Avoid Drainage Problems Using Sewer Jetting in Philadelphia

A clogged drain can cause a number of problems because of the various ways sewer pipes become blocked. For instance, powder soaps can collect in the solid waste and create a lump that sticks to pipe walls and fittings. Eliminating blockages such as this is not an easy task. Attempting to remove the blockage with a rooter might get the wastewater flowing, but it rarely breaks up the actual clog. In most cases, the only solution is Sewer Jetting in Philadelphia, which washes away the problem using a high-pressure stream of water. Blockages in the sewer system typically occur because there is very little pressure moving the waste. Sewer systems rely on gravity and the force of moving water to eliminate the waste. This can pose a problem because slow moving sludge can collect on anything that snags it. The most common areas where this can be an issue are the joints and angles in the piping, but cracks and roots can also cause concerns.

One way to determine if the sewers are acting up is watching the way water drains from tubs or sinks. Slow-flowing drains are usually an indicator of clogs even if those clogs are just beginning. Sewer Jetting in Philadelphia can help by removing the solid matter that accumulates inside the pipes. This prevents problems like these from occurring because there are fewer things to catch the solid waste.The next step in the process of eliminating blockages is a video inspection. Sewer pipes are fairly large, but they are usually hidden underground. This means that they can be damaged by excessive weight or cracked by the force of roots. A tree growing near the sewer line can spread roots into a break in the pipe, which could result in a lot of costly repairs.

Scrutinizing the pipes with a video system allows the contractor to see just what is happening inside them. Inspecting the sewer line is handled by locating an access vent. If a vent is not available, the plumber will remove the toilet closest to the main pipe. Using this access point allows easier insertion of the camera. If slow drains or sewer clogs are a problem, click here to discover the best solutions.

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