Australian Gold Tanning Lotion: Moisturizing and Tanning

Proper skin care plays an important role in the tanning process. One essential component is moisturizing. Choosing the right tanning lotions, such as Australian Gold tanning lotion products, is the best way to maintain skin health while enhancing indoor, sunless tanning. Moisture will help to create a skin barrier that works to prevent any skin issues.

The Importance of Moisturizing

Moisture is a critical component of any skin health regiment. By maintaining the proper level of moisture in the skin, you can preserve a solid skin barrier while ensuring the skin remains soft, pliable and flexible. Furthermore, this type of skin will tan more effectively and evenly than if the skin is dry. Certain types of lotions will work with your skin to improve the moisturizing process. These include those that contain:

 * Oils
 * NMFs (natural moisturizing factors)
 * Vitamins e.g. Vitamin E or Vitamin C

These ingredients are found present in most high quality tanning lotions such as those produced by Australian Gold Inc.

Australian Gold Tanning Lotion

Australian Gold, Inc. is an American firm or brand founded in 1985 as a producer of a several different types of sun care and tanning salon products. Its parent company is New Sunshine located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Among the SPF sprays, sunscreens and after sun gels are lotions and oils that moisturize and abet tanning. Today, Australian Gold tanning lotion and other salon and home products are available in more than 50 countries.

The products offered by Australian Gold are easily recognized. Their mascot is a koala bear by the name of Sydney. He is depicted on a goldish brown surfboard riding the waves. The company uses the latest technology available to provide their customers with products specifically manufactured to moisturize and protect the skin. Their tanning lotions allow the process to occur without negatively affecting the skin’s delicate balance.

Formulation of Australian Gold Tanning Lotion

Like all their products, Australian gold makes certain the lotion consist of ingredients beneficial to the skin. This includes the addition of vitamin E and natural oils. Their innovative approach ensures the formulation of each tanning product and lotion works to accomplish three things:

 * Treat sore, dry and less healthy skin
 * Protect skin against negative environmental effects
 * Optimize the healthy skin to ensure tanning occurs without destroying the valuable skin barrier

While some lotions are skin-specific, others work on all types of skin. Furthermore, their tanning lotions will act to accelerate the process. To ensure the safety of their products, the company rigorously tests their products. In addition, Australian Gold’s products, including Australian Gold tanning lotion of various types, are all tested and approved for use by the Food and Drug Administrations (FDA) as well as by the European Cosmetics Association (Colipa).

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