Aspects to Consider Before Bringing an Autistic Child to a Family Dentist in Evanston

Parents must bring an autistic youngster to a Family Dentist in Evanston for routine care, but the session can be a challenge. Autistic kids may not like to be touched very much, particularly by people they don’t know well. They may have difficulty sitting still, especially when a practitioner is looking around in the mouth. If a cavity needs to be filled, the situation becomes even more problematic.

Oral Hygiene

Parents can help a great deal by making sure the child completes proper oral hygiene at home. That will prevent cavities and the need for more intensive sessions at the clinic. It may be advisable to have sealants placed on the teeth for extra protection against tooth decay.

Getting Comfortable With the Clinic

When setting the appointment for a checkup to include teeth cleaning by a hygienist, the parents must let the staff members know about the child’s condition. Any tips on helping the youngster stay calm and anxiety-free during the session should be provided.

It may also help the youngster if he or she is brought along to dental appointments for the parents and siblings. This creates the impression that going to the dentist is a relatively ordinary activity and nothing to be concerned about. The child learns to trust a dentist such as Stephens Dentistry and feel comfortable when going to the clinic. Parents of autistic children may visit the website to learn about this particular dental practice.

Mild Sedation

A Family Dentist in Evanston may need to use mild sedation for the autistic patient if the child simply is unable to stay calm in the chair. Parents should not feel discouraged, as this sometimes is the case with young children who are not on the spectrum. In addition, some autistic youngsters are affected by uncontrollable movements that are disruptive during teeth cleaning, dental exams, and cavity filling.

Nitrous oxide, known as laughing gas, may be appropriate, as the patient can control how much of the substance is breathed in by removing the nose mask as desired. Oral medication also may be provided that will relax the child and even cause sleepiness.

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