Are You Hungry for a Philadelphia Sushi Roll in Gulfport, MS?

by | Mar 27, 2017 | Restaurant

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When it comes to sushi, the Philadelphia roll is one type of cuisine that reigns supreme among lovers of sushi. This time-honored sushi roll is made with cream cheese and fresh salmon and is wrapped in nori and sushi rice. Nori is an edible form of seaweed.

Nori Is a Type of Seaweed

The nori that is used in a Philadelphia sushi roll in Gulfport, MS is harvested from cold and shallow waters. Featured in sheet form, the seaweed is purplish-black in color. It is transformed into a deep green hue when it is toasted. While the use of nori in Japanese dishes is fairly new in the US, it has been consumed in Japan for centuries.

A Healthy Food

Adding nori to a Philadelphia sushi roll or other sushi preparation not only enhances a dish’s flavor but also makes the food nutritionally healthier. In fact, research shows that nori is a vegetable that contains cobalamin, which is a form of B12. In addition, the low iodine content of the vegetable makes it suitable for people with thyroid conditions who must watch their consumption. The food also features cancer-preventative properties.

Other Sushi Dishes and Specialties

So, the next time you order a Philadelphia sushi roll or other sushi dishes that feature nori, be happy in the knowledge that you are eating healthy food. Other specialty rolls or sushi that must be tried include futo maki, eel dragon rolls, California rolls, cucumber rolls, spider rolls, and oshinko rolls.

Oshinko rolls, also known as Takuan, include Japanese-style pickled radish. The strong flavor of the food is usually served as a single filling in a maki roll. This type of sushi and other specialties are highlighted on Besides sushi, you may also opt for eating Japanese menu offerings through hibachi preparation. Diners sit around a flat-top grill and watch while the chef prepares the meal. This entertaining form of cooking just adds to the delights of eating Japanese dishes and cuisine.

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