Are You Concerned about the Safety of Your Kids in School?

by | Aug 5, 2015 | Security

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It’s a sad fact that the occurrence of violence in schools is on the rise and it has been for a while. In recent years instances of intimidation, bullying, assault by weapon and even alcohol possession in school and on school property has more than doubled.  These unnerving statistics make it hard for you or any other parent to feel safe sending their children to school, not to mention how it makes the students feel.

How Can Students Feel Safe at School?

Often times students go to school and they feel unsafe because of bullying, harassment and other safety issues at school. All of these things combined seem to indicate that more safety measures need to be taken, such as providing school security in the Birmingham area. The addition of safety equipment and school security has many benefits to it, including making sure that not only are your students kept safer, but they also feel safer while they are in school. It provides peace of mind to the students and the parents.

Aren’t There Already Adults at School that Can Keep the Children Safe?

The teachers and other faculty at schools are certainly there not only to teach your children, but also to keep them safe in the best way that they can. They are trained in emergency procedures and do their best to make sure that things don’t get out of hand. However, a trained security guard has many more tools at their disposal to use. Many security officers come highly trained and also have experience with dealing with issues that other adults don’t have experience dealing with. Additionally, most security guards have a military or a law enforcement background which will serve them very well when dealing with potentially hazardous and high stress situations. They have skills that far exceed what the normal teacher has when it comes to dealing with these sorts of issues. Also the visual experience of actually seeing a security guard at school can be a big deterrent to a possible threat to your student at school. Just knowing that there is someone there that can handle situations like that will keep those sorts of situations from occurring. Combine that with the addition of security cameras and entrance security and you have a safe and secure environment that will allow your child to flourish and all the teachers to do what they need to do; help your child learn and grow.

Contact Guardian Protective Services, Inc. when you are ready to hire professionals that can supply school security in Birmingham for your school. With their services you can take the steps needed to provide a safer learning environment.

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