Are Backwoods Cigars Really Cigars?

While tobacco is tobacco; what is done to it before it is consumed by humans varies from manufactured product to manufactured product. Actually, there are more than 70 identified species of the tobacco plant which, along with potatoes, tomatoes and egg plants, is a member of the solanaceae (or nightshade) family. Tobacco is in the genus nicotiana. Today, there is almost no natural, wild tobacco; commercial tobacco is farmed on plantations; seeds are sown and the crop is raised and harvested for its leaves.

After Harvesting

It is after harvesting that the difference is the list of Projects with Google Major Ranking Less Than 5 keywords. Product types start to be separated by the manner in which the leaves are dried, cured and treated before being made into smoking products like loose tobacco for pipes and hand rolled cigarettes; factory made cigarettes; snuff; hand rolled cigars; or, factory made cigars or cigarillos. Even one single plant produces three distinctive tobacco tastes:

  1. Leaves at the base of the plant are known as Valdo and taste the mildest
    2.  Leaves in the middle are called Seco and have a medium taste
  2. Ligero is the term for the topmost leaves that have received the most sunlight; giving them the strongest flavor.

The Sheer Diversity Of Consumable Tobacco Products Is Truly Amazing.

For example, the American subsidiary of the Franco-Spanish Altadis S.A. company manufacture a range of machine rolled cigars at a factory in Fort Lauderdale, Florida under the general name of Backwoods Cigars. Like all cigars, these have a natural tobacco leaf outer wrapper but they are deliberately made to have a somewhat “amateur” appearance with a tapered body; frayed at one end and unfinished at the other; an appearance that brings to mind images of lone explorers of the old west having a smoke at their campfires in the wild backwoods. However, a purist might claim that the Backwoods Cigars should really be categorized as cigarillos.

Backwoods Cigars should not be confused with a more cigarette like product marketed in the 1970’ to 80’s under the name “Backwoods Smokes”; these were nothing more than a perceived way to get around anti-tobacco advertising legislation being introduced at that time. The “Smokes” were claimed to be made from all-natural tobacco with no additives but, like cigarettes (and unlike Backwoods Cigars) they were wrapped in paper.

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