Annual Air Conditioner Maintenance in Grandville MI Keeps Cooling Costs Lower

Annual air conditioner maintenance in Grandville MI can be part of a multi-strategy action plan to keep cooling costs as low as possible. During this appointment, a heating and cooling technician inspects, cleans and adjusts the system. This helps the unit operate at peak efficiency throughout the warm-weather months. It also helps prolong the life of the equipment.

Thermostat Location

Ideally, the thermostat shouldn’t be in the kitchen. That room tends to be warmer than the rest of the house when residents are cooking. The air conditioner then runs longer to bring the temperature down to the setting, which wouldn’t be the case if the device were located in a different room. A technician performing Air Conditioner Maintenance in Grandville MI can install a new thermostat in a better location.

A Programmable Device

The customer might want a programmable thermostat as long as new one is being installed by a technician with a company such as Kroll Furnace Co. If the household residents stick to a regular routine most of the time, a programmable model can help save energy. Since it’s programmed to automatically allow a higher temperature when nobody will be home for many hours, there’s no risk of anyone forgetting to turn the setting up. Browse our website to read more about this particular company.

Thermostat Settings

It’s pointless to keep the house at an optimum temperature when everyone is at work or school, as that costs extra money for no purpose. The temperature might be programmed so the central air keeps the house at 82 degrees Fahrenheit when nobody is home all day, instead of 75 or 76 degrees. In addition, many people find they are completely comfortable with the thermostat set at 77 or 78, especially if they are just relaxing.

Changing the Filter

Changing the filter as recommended also is important, just as doing so is important in winter. A dirty filter forces the unit to work harder, thus driving up electricity bills. In a summer climate typical of this part of Michigan, the filter might only need to be changed once over the summer, but someone should take a look at it every 30 days to make sure it’s still relatively clean.

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