An Outdoor Oasis with Concrete Patios in Bellingham, WA

When you first buy a home there is often no back patio installed. You may step out the back door only to land in grass. There are many options for building a patio or deck. Concrete, however, is the easiest and most affordable. You can easily adjust the size or shape, as well. A concrete patio is durable and easy to maintain. You can add your own grill, table, and plants to make the space stand out.


If you want a patio that can stand the test of time, you need to go with concrete. Concrete patios in Bellingham, WA offer some great aspects. Your patio can stand up to years of rough treatment. If you have kids and pets, you are sure to be satisfied with this choice. You can place heavy iron furniture on it with no issues, and you can even decorate it with heavy potted plants. Concrete patios also stand up well to wind and rain. Your kids can play on the patio for many years with no damage.


When you are thinking about maintenance, you may realize that wood decking takes a lot of work over the years. Even with all the work, rot is sure to happen eventually. Concrete patios do not have these problems. You can easily clean the patio with soap, water, and a scrub broom. It stands up well to water, heat, and even snow. When a concrete patio begins to look dull or discolored, you can easily pressure wash it to retain the integrity of the concrete. This usually brings it back to its original color. Click for more info on concrete patio options.

When you are ready to have your patio, a professional company can come out and assess your outdoor space. They can help you decide the size that works best with your yard and usage. Be sure to tell them how much patio furniture you have and any other details about what you plan to do with the space.

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