An Introduction To APV Valves

by | Mar 9, 2017 | Industrial Goods and Services

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One of the benefits of working with a top distributor of sanitary process equipment and parts is the ability to shop the top companies specializing in different components. A very specialized company is SPX FLOW, which is operated out of Poland.

SPX FLOW manufacturers the line of apv valves specially designed and manufactured to meet the high standards required in the sanitary processing industry. You will find these valves on systems in food and beverage production, pharmaceutical manufacturing and production and dairy processing and cosmetics industries.

Assistance with Finding the Right Valve

Finding the right APV valves can be challenging, as there are multiple options for most applications. Different valves are designed for various working conditions, products and requirements of the system operation.

To find the right valve, it will be important to know just what is needed. You will need to know if the valve has to:

 * Have a shut-off, change over, regulation or protection function

 * Be mix proof

 * Be approved for use with sterile products

 * Have over pressure protection such as vacuum protection to prevent backflow

The options, depending on the answers to the needs above, can include double seal, ball, butterfly, check and relief valves. The company also makes aseptic, constant pressure, sampling, modulating and safety valve models as well as vacuum valves.

Finding Valves Online

One of the easiest ways to find APV valves is to shop online with the top sanitary process equipment distributors. These professionals can be instrumental in assisting you in finding the right valve for your specific needs.

When choosing a supplier, be sure to consider years in business, shipping policies and cost. There are a lot of differences in these factors, so take the time to compare a few online sites before selecting the best one for your valves and parts.

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