Afraid Of The Dentist? Sedation Dentistry Can Help

by | Dec 9, 2016 | Dental Care

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A lot of kids are afraid of going to the dentist. They believe it’s a scary experience. And while some of these kids do manage to outgrow this fear, many don’t. So if you’re terrified at the prospect, nervous and anxious or just don’t want to experience any pain, then you might want to consider the services of a sedation dentist.

What is a sedation dentist?

Someone who can put you under sedation during a dental procedure. These dental professionals are trained so you won’t have to worry about going in too deep.

What happens when you’re sedated?

Sedating you accomplishes a number of things. If you’re afraid or terrified to the point that you can’t calmly keep still, this can compromise the results of tests you might need to undergo. It can also make some procedures impossible. Some patients can even get hysterical. By sedating you, a sedation dentist can proceed with whatever test or treatment is necessary. That way, the results are uncompromised. It also helps keep you safe during the procedure.

Will I be awake?

It would depend on the level of sedation you need to undergo. Some patients only require minimal sedation, says the WebMD. For this procedure, you will remain awake. However, you will feel much more relaxed, preventing you from growing anxious. Some patients, though, might require moderate sedation. At this time, you will still be conscious. But you might slur. Also, there’s a high chance you probably won’t remember much of the procedure afterwards. Then there are procedures that require deep sedation. You will feel like you’re in a dream state, the edge of your consciousness. You can still be awakened but you won’t be in full command of your faculties at this point. For complicated dental procedures, patients will need to undergo general anesthesia where you will completely go under.

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