Advantages of Using 2D Animation Videos

Animation technology has continually evolved since the early 20th century when the very first instances appeared. From images in sequence and hand-drawn cartoons to realistic 3D videos, businesses now have access to more than 20 types of animation. Whilst many are obsessed with 3D and realism, 2D animation is still widely used. Companies providing 2D animation services in India still cater to clients across domains.

So, what are the perks of opting for 2D animation for business advertising? Take a look at the ones mentioned here.

Why Your Business can Benefit from 2D Animation Videos

  1. Easy-to-grasp content – 2D animation works with only two dimensions and is less distracting than hyper-realistic flash 3D content. In some cases, this can lead to your target audiences grasping your advertising content without much effort.
  2. Effective communication – A 2D animation video is often a better choice than real-life footage where the message you are spreading can be lost. A simple and goal-driven 2D animation can indeed be more proficient in conveying your brand’s message to potential and existing customers.
  3. Low production time – If you are a business owner who wants a fast solution to fulfil your advertising requirements, getting a 2D video made can be the right choice. It does not mean that 2D animation does not take much effort. But, reputed companies providing 2D animation services in India are quite efficient in creating quality offerings. The lack of another dimension (unlike 3D) makes things comparatively faster in the case of 2D animation.
  4. Low production costs – The cost of producing life-like 3D animation content is quite higher than more simplistic 2D. Much of the technology and effort required for 3D are not needed for 2D animation production. Fewer hours and less manpower required are bound to translate into low production costs.
  5. Simplicity is the charm – 2D animation production does not require creators chasing the goal of being realistic like 3D. The appeal of 2D lies in its simplicity, as an ordinary medium for effectual advertising.

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