Add To Your Room With Gas Fireplace Accessories

Companies provide a wide range of different styles and options with their gas fireplaces, but to make the fireplace uniquely your own, there may be features you wish to change.

There are several different gas fireplace accessories that can allow you to change the look of the fireplace, or to add style and pizzazz to the room. It is important only to use the recommended media and other accessories with your gas fireplace that are sold by the specific manufacturer, or are approved for use with your specific model.

This is important to consider as there are inferior products on the market today. These accessories can result in potential problems with the system, including the risk of fire inside the fireplace if the incorrect or poorly manufactured items are used. By choosing accessories from the manufacturer, you are assured of top quality product that will not impact the efficiency or the functioning of the fireplace.


Fireplace mantels can add a modern or a very classical look to the room. They are often a place for cherished items of art, pictures or even unique collections. Different styles of mantles from simple wood beam styles to more ornate Victorian styles will add to the décor and create a definite look to your area.


Although not always considered as part of gas fireplace accessories, the media selected to accentuate the vintage or contemporary look for the fire can be changed. Traditional looks include authentic looking logs, driftwood or even the combination of wood and rocks.

For a more modern and unique look, or if you want something that is sure to be a conversation piece, consider the addition of glass media. Small marble like substrate can be used to create a unique look. The light from the flames reflects both up and down, adding to the visual appeal of the fire. Even when the fire is not on, the look is amazing, and can be easily paired with specialized stones for a interesting addition.

Fireplace Accessories

It is very common to use wood burning fireplace tools as gas fireplace accessories. A set of tongs, sweeper and log hook or a classic set of bellows or a wood rack with some authentic logs can add to the look and the ambiance of a gas fireplace.

The key is to choose the accessories that match the look you wish to achieve. Overlays and unique doors, as well as decorative screen fronts, may be an option to consider to create the specific look that is perfect for your room.

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