Activities that Help Memory Care Patients

Memory care includes a wide range of activities that keep the cognitive faculties of patients engaged. The key to memory care is providing the right amount and type of mental and emotional stimuli. Quality memory care services in Brick, NJ offer evidence-based activities that help memory care patients thrive.

To prevent and slow cognitive deterioration, memory care specialists use activities that include memorization exercises, coupled with an active recall. Recall exercises can be designed for both long-term and short-term memory, while targeting the working memory issues that can be especially troubling for memory care patients. Activities include games that can be played in dyads or larger groups, or even solitaire games.

Other activities that help memory care patients in Brick, NJ include physical activities like dancing. Physical activity is good for maintaining the overall health and wellbeing of memory care patients. The type of physical activity is less important than its frequency and duration. Physical activities can even include ordinary daily chores that are good for maintaining cognitive awareness, such as cleaning, organizing, cooking, or gardening. These types of activities are sometimes formally introduced into memory care programs, as patients find them enjoyable.

Memory care patients appreciate nostalgia and sentimentality because their long-term memory often functions fine. Using photographs from family albums, or allowing memory care patients to tell stories can be important ways of improving mental and emotional wellbeing. Some memory care patients prefer to write or draw their memories, allowing them to exercise their creative juices.

Memory care activities at quality memory care clubs like Regency in Brick, NJ are diversified and individualized to suit the preferences and needs of each patient. Social activities are important, but so too is solitude. When choosing the best memory care program, consider the range and variety of memory care activities the club offers.

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