Achieve A Better Outcome With The Help Of A Divorce Lawyer In Williston, ND

Divorce is an emotionally charged subject for many couples and families. The legal guidance of a divorce lawyer in Williston ND area can keep things in perspective when emotions run high. Determining a fair settlement for the divorce or custody of the children can be difficult. Whenever a couple decides their entire divorce settlement and custody, an attorney should still review the document before it is filed with the courts. There are residency requirements as well as grounds for filing a divorce that must be met to file a divorce in North Dakota.

An individual cannot have a separation or divorce granted unless the plaintiff has been a resident of North Dakota for at least six months before filing the divorce action. A separation or divorce can be granted when the individual has been a resident for the six months immediately preceding the entry of either. There are two categories that are grounds for filing a divorce. A no-fault divorce is whenever there are irreconcilable differences. These are grounds that the court determines if there is a substantial reason for not remaining married. A fault divorce could have adultery, extreme cruelty, willful desertion, neglect, or abuse of alcohol or a controlled substance involved.

A lot of assets or debt can become a difficult area to negotiate between a couple that do not get along. A Divorce Lawyer will be able to help work through these difficult decisions. Assets and debts are usually distributed proportionately to the couple’s income, but circumstances are always different with each divorce. Child custody and child support are rarely agreed upon by couples. Both parents are concerned over the amount of time they will no longer have with their child. The court will always use the best interest of the child standard for determining what the custodial arrangement should be for each child.

Trying to work out an agreement with a spouse or a child’s parent on any type of family law decisions is always the best option. If an agreement cannot be established, a Divorce Lawyer in Williston ND should be contacted as soon as possible. They are able to represent an individual in cases such as divorce, child custody, child support, adoption and much more.

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