Accordion Doors for Any Room

Accordion doors serve as cost efficient, multi-purpose alternatives to door and wall construction. These doors can serve as folding doors, dividers, partitions, and even acoustical walls.

An accordion door is made up of vertical folds that are supported by rollers inserted in a track located at the top of the doors. The doors resemble the bellows of an accordion when they are opened and closed. Unlike conventional doors, these doors are not hung on hinges and do not swing in or out.

Residential Doors
The accordion door can fulfill numerous needs in the home. For instance, these folding doors can serve as closet doors, room dividers, or simple partitions to divide up a large amount of living space. A spare living area can easily be divided into a multi-purpose room with accordion doors. Wisconsin residents may especially find these doors helpful for creating a separate mudroom in an oversized foyer.

Not only are the doors cost efficient, but they are also timesavers from a constructional standpoint. These doors can easily fit into already created spaces without the need for additional construction or removal of walls or other partitions already in place.

Commercial Doors
Accordion doors also work well for commercial use. Whether they’re used to divide one classroom into four classrooms or turn a conference room into additional office space, these doors are multi-purpose, versatile, and low cost.

The accordion door can also be seen in use at local shopping malls where they are used to close off shops after hours. Bars, lounges, restaurants and large stand alone retail stores have also found these particular doors to provide extra security.

Custom Doors
Doors can be customized to meet the consumers need. Most come in standard vinyl-laminate, hardwood, aluminum, and even transparent acrylic that can be tinted if desired. Some customers have even ordered their doors with creative designs or murals painted on.

From small bookcase doors to large kitchen/dining room dividers, accordion doors can be ordered in various shapes and sizes. No matter the need, these doors can make a quick fix of just about any spacing dilemma in practically any room.

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