ACA Health Insurance for GA Customers Reduces Premiums and Costs

Residents seeking coverage under Affordable Care Act health insurance enrollment across Atlanta, GA, who are small business owners, sole proprietors, or just became parents for the first time are encouraged to visit the Health Insurance Marketplace as the period for application and official enrollment approaches and ends around mid-January. Although the process is meant to be as streamlined as possible, it’s always best to key dates, how to lower costs overall, and what to expect after the enrollment period is over and coverage has been acquired.

Because of Affordable Care Act health insurance enrollment in Atlanta, GA, more and more people living and working in the area can now qualify for marketplace coverage who fall into a gap left over from the lack of Medicaid expansion within the state of Georgia. State health insurance is provided according to levels designated as metals: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. The metal corresponds to the percentage of expenses covered – for instance, under the bronze plan, 60% of the patient’s medical costs would be paid for by the insurer.

Six large insurers participate in the Georgia’s ACA marketplace. Obamacare subsidies can reduce enrollee premiums, as they are subject to change according to fluctuations in the law and the economy. Coverage subsidies are available for those who make between 100% and 400% the federal poverty level.

The Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace offers access to affordable health coverage under the ACA passed by Congress in 2010. Get enrolled before the official period ends.

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