About Auto Glass Replacement in Levittown

It may go unnoticed, but the small chip you discover in your windshield can become a crack that threatens your safety. Stones, birds and hail can damage your windshield without your knowledge. In most cases, your auto insurance will pay for your windshield, but you can have trouble deciding whether you should have the glass repaired or replaced. You may have heard stories about failed windshield repairs that left drivers with a crack, or with a windshield that could not pass inspection. At the same time, you worry that you’ll need to rent a vehicle while yours in being repaired. Fortunately, calling for Auto Glass Replacement in Levittown won’t mean losing your freedom.

A company, like Active Glass, has trained technicians who can work on your windshield at your location, but they can also use company facilities during inclement weather. Once the technician examines your windshield, he helps you decide whether to repair or replace your windshield, based on the severity of the damage. If you decide to repair your windshield, the technician will use a self-leveling resin to fill the chip, bonding the damage to prevent cracking. Technicians can also replace windshields at your location, or you can take your car to the company’s workshop. Since the process takes two hours, an hour for installation and an hour for curing, children can find toys in the shop’s waiting area. You may think that windshield services are for late model cars alone, but technicians can work with the windshields on older cars as well.

You might not drive your classic car daily, or you may drive a used car that is older than five years. Regardless of age, your older car’s windshield may need special attention. It’s important to realize that a windshield does more than protect the car’s occupants; it protects the car’s interior from harmful rays that age your upholstery, restored or original. With this in mind, glass technicians offer special glass tinting services and, in the case of custom hot rods, they can use specialty glass. While your car may be average, you rely on it to take care of your family’s needs, so the next time you see a chipped windshield, call for Auto Glass Replacement in Levittown. Remember that a crack-free windshield is part of your car’s overall safety, just like its seat belts.

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