A Wood Burning Fireplace: Elegant And Warming

No matter what the weather or in which room you put it, a wood burning fireplace can create a strong focal point. Nothing can increase that primitive sense of wellbeing and comfort like a fire roaring or crackling in a fireplace on a cool winter evening. A fireplace is about more than comfort and warmth. Today, when you look at available models of wood burning fireplaces, you are aware of the change. Fireplaces are now elegant as well as practical.

Today’s Wood Burning Fireplaces

At one time, adding a fireplace was costly. It required extensive renovations. A fireplace was meant for the ground floors. Today’s options have changed this. Technology has allowed the placement of fireplaces in various rooms on different floors. As a result, while the downstairs den, living room or family room remain the most popular choices, you can also find a wood burning fireplaces in bedrooms on second story floors.

One of the advances responsible for this change is the zero-clearance wood burning fireplace. It can be installed anywhere. You can arrange to set safely up this pre-fabricated near combustible material. This is one advantage, there are others including styles. Unlike most conventional wood fireplaces, this variation comes in many different models. You can install one with a classic look. Alternatively, you may decide rustic is more your style. Contemporary is always popular and so is traditional. These are not the only reasons why wood burning fireplaces are popular.

Top Five Reasons for Choosing a Wood Burning Fireplace

If you decide on the latest zero-clearance or a fireplace insert, you are not alone. Wood burning fireplaces are increasingly popular for several reasons. Among the most common are:

1. The cost of Installation: With the latest models, no new addition or major construction work is required. A professional installer is essential. However, the major mess and inconvenience are not present. This reduces the financial cost substantially.
2. Space Taken Up: A zero clearance wood fireplace does not require an expensive venting system. Its prefabricated construction allows for placement almost anywhere – including spaces you would never have thought of using.
3. Operation and Maintenance: The only word that comes to mind is “easy.” The inclusion of remote controls and even thermostats facilitate operation. Maintenance is almost non-existent.
4. Energy Efficiency: Unlike older models, newer incarnations are energy efficient saving you money on your heating bill. This is particularly true of wood burning fireplaces using inserts.

The latest wood burning fireplaces have it all. With models that match your décor, energy saving potential, low installation costs and ease of operation, it is not hard to understand why many are returning to a practical and now elegant appliance -the wood burning fireplace.

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