A Subutex Clinic in Navarre FL Can Help People Prevent Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms

A person who is battling an addiction to an opiate drug may have tried several times to stop taking this medicine, but the withdrawal symptoms and cravings prove impossible to manage. It can be extremely difficult to begin recovery from hydrocodone and similar substances without medical supervision and psychiatric care. A Subutex Clinic in Navarre FL may be the answer, since medication is provided that helps the person successfully and safely withdraw from the opiate.

About Subutex

Many people have heard of methadone as a medication for managing withdrawal, but they may not have heard of Subutex. This is the brand name for buprenorphine, which has somewhat similar effects but is less likely to be used inappropriately by the patients. It is a partial opiate, which makes it effective at preventing withdrawal symptoms and cravings. However, it does not cause euphoric feelings when taken in the doses prescribed. Subutex is effective for patients who are dependent on prescription opiates or on heroin.

Beginning Recovery as an Outpatient

Being able to receive treatment at a Subutex Clinic in Navarre FL can allow men and women who have become chemically dependent begin recovery without having to enter inpatient rehabilitation. Many people simply are unable to do this. They have family obligations and they cannot miss that much work.

The Importance of Medical Supervision

Medical supervision while taking buprenorphine is imperative, however, even if it is not provided under an inpatient treatment program. The prescribing physician must know all other medications and supplements the individual takes, as there is a higher potential of side effects when combining certain substances. The timing of the first dose is important too. The new drug should not be taken until at least four hours after the last dose of the opioid medication was taken.

Avoiding Mind-Altering Substances

Drinking alcohol is prohibited, since the combination of Subutex and alcohol is dangerous. Chemical dependency counselors at centers such as Kolbe Clinic encourage these clients to refrain from any mind-altering substances in the future in any case, since alcohol, marijuana and other substances can be a gateway back to opiates. Contact us to start the healing process.

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