A simple and affordable way to enhance your smile

Of all the cosmetic dental procedures that are routinely available, teeth whitening services are without a doubt the simplest and least costly way to enhance your smile; and it can all be done in a single visit to your dentist.

Professional vs. home based whitening systems:
Although there are numerous over-the-counter teeth whitening systems available, in-office whitening is by far the most widely used. Home based systems use low dose whitening agents whereas professional teeth whitening services use higher concentrations of whitening agents and takes place under controlled conditions which are safe, pain free and the results are immediate.

Advantages of in-office teeth whitening:

  • The fastest results possible
  • Extremely safe, conducted under monitored conditions
  • Comfortable for those with sensitive teeth and gums thanks to desensitizing agents

Causes of discolored teeth:
As people age there is a natural tendency for teeth to age. When this is coupled with eating and drinking foods and beverages that can stain your teeth, the results are teeth which appear darker or take on an unattractive yellow cast.

The main causes of discolored teeth include genetics, certain antibiotics and certain foods as well as smoking.

Most teeth whitening systems are peroxide based; as the material is actually bleach, it can alter the color of the dentin which is the tooth layer below the enamel. Many people do not understand that enamel is opaque; the stains are actually in the dentin. There are a number of different teeth whitening systems available; they can work on vital teeth which are alive as well as non-vital teeth, those that have been subjected to a root canal in the past. The dentist has two systems available; the most common is the use of light which accelerates the bleaching action. Other methods are the use of a custom made tray that is filled with bleach and worn during the evening hours. For more information, contact Twin Cities Dental today at one of the three locations in Maple Grove, MN at 612-294-9407, St. Anthony, MN at 612-345-9337, or Champlin, MN at 612-260-6244. You can also visit their Facebook page for regular updates.

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