A Quick Look at Powder Coatings

by | Mar 29, 2018 | Plating Service

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Powder coatings are a dry finishing process that, according to the Powder Coating Institute, have become very popular since first appearing in the 1960s. They are done to almost 15% of all finished metals in the market and are one of the most durable options available. They can be both functional and decorative and come in almost any range of textures or colors imaginable.

The way that powder coatings work is quite unique. They rely on polymer resins combined with an array of other agents. They are all mixed together, cooled and then ground into a powdery consistency before being electrostatically sprayed to a metal substrate. This is known as ESD and it includes the curing of the metal (with heat) and in which the coatings react with the metals and actually bond with the substrates.

There are also instances of powder coatings being applied using what is known as a fluidized bed application. This is when the objects in need of coating are actually dipped into a bed of the fluidized powder and coating materials. This is then cured with the standard heat applications.

Both methods for applying powder coatings come with the long list of benefits that make them so popular across a diversity of industries.

The Benefits of Powder Coatings

 * There are many reasons that powder coatings are commonly selected, but among the greatest of their benefits are:

 * They are cost effective

 * They protect the substrate from any sort of wear, rust or corrosion – prolonging the object’s life span

 * They improve performance

 * They can be done in any color

 * They are environmentally friendly

 * The process is safe and does not generate VOCs during production

 * It does not require specialized disposal facilities

 * It goes on evenly and does not create bumps or visible layers

 * It is more consistent than paint

 * It does not succumb to exposure to moisture, chemicals, UV light, harsh weather, and more

 * It never chips, cracks, fades or scratches

 * It can be done using epoxy, polyester and nylon, too

Clearly, there are many reasons to choose powder coating for the production of almost any marketable good. Yet, if you ask experts most say it is the durability of the finish. This is why it is found on thousands upon thousands of surfaces ranging from heavy duty machinery to small, household items. Cost effective and tough, it is the environmentally friendly choice for many industries.

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