A Plating Company Should Provide Quality, Customer-Focused Electroplating Services

by | Nov 19, 2015 | Metal Heat Treating

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Professional electroplating and metal finishing services are commonly used by those in the automotive industry, along with professionals in many other general industry sectors. The primary types of plating include zinc, zinc nickel, zinc iron, zinc nickel alloy, zinc alkaline, rack plating, and sealants and topcoats—but depending on what your preferred local plating company offers, you may have a wider range of options available to you.

How Does Electroplating Work?
Electroplating is a highly effective way to coat any conductive item with a layer of material such as plating, sealant, or topcoat. This is typically used to protect a material from the effects of corrosion, wear and tear, and abrasions over time, but plating also allows material to appear more polished, smooth, and luxurious.

If aesthetics are a concern as well, your local plating company should be happy to suggest an electroplating service that allows material to be both durable and beautiful for many years to come. Whether you choose to go with a zinc nickel plating, a zinc iron plating, a zinc alkaline plating, or another option, you can be sure that corrosive damage and abrasion will be minimized.

E-Coat Technology
Many plating companies now use a process known as “electrocoat,” or E-coat, that helps to create a smooth finish on all automobiles. This technology has existed since the 1960s, but nowadays, virtually all vehicles are primed using E-coat technology, and many car parts are also prepared using this process.

The benefit of the E-coat procedure is that a vehicle’s exterior is completely covered. This occurs due to the enclosed system that only E-coat technology boasts; this allows for a cleaner paint application. The result is a gorgeous, stunning, well-protected finish for your automobile.

Reliability and Professionalism
If you are in the automotive industry, chances are you are familiar with the various types of metal finishing and electroplating services available to you, but you might be uncertain which is best for your material.

A professional plating company will take the time to discuss your specific needs with you before helping you make a decision. Quality professional plating companies will be passionate about providing the best customer service possible and developing long-lasting relationships with clients.

Consider contacting a plating and metal finishing professional to inquire about the cutting edge E-coat technology.

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