A Mediation Attorney in Mankato, MN Can Lessen the Stress in a Divorce

by | Apr 7, 2017 | Lawyers

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The first thing everyone thinks about when they contemplate divorce is to hire an attorney. That may appear to be a great idea until a couple is spending thousands of dollars on attorney fees to negotiate on their behalf. Court hearings take a lot of time and money, but a mediation attorney in Mankato, MN can save a couple thousands of dollars in attorney fees by finding a resolution. Property disagreements, separation agreements, a divorce with or without children, and post-dissolution disputes can be resolved with the help of a mediator. It can ease the stress of the situation.

Mediation sessions are usually two to three hours long and are scheduled two weeks apart. A settlement on the issues can usually be achieved in six to eight hours of mediation. A couple should each supply a mediator with any documentation they need to move the process along faster. Some situations can be very complex, but mediation will still be able to resolve these types of cases. Mediation is generally 20-50% cheaper than a traditional legal process that’s adversarial. A mediation attorney in Mankato, MN can reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and conflicts that often occur with a divorce.

A mediator is neutral and specially trained to help spouses reach an agreement about all the important legal issues. They will not make decisions for the couple but will guide them through the divorce process. A productive discussion in a safe environment will help the couple understand each other’s needs and concerns. If they have children, it is often difficult to decide which parent they should live with and the best visitation schedule for a child. The lawyer will help a couple make an action plan and prioritize issues. They will assess if accountants, therapists, or any other helpful assistance will settle a case sooner.

When you choose mediation to settle all or many of the issues, the information is confidential. The information cannot be used in court proceedings against a spouse. If you’re starting a divorce, mediation should be considered. For more information about saving time, stress, and money, please visit Blatzlawminnesota.com.

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