A Guide to Sewer Inspections in Carmel IN

Just like other parts of the home, sewer lines need regular care and maintenance. However, most homeowners know little about their sewers and the problems that may arise. These questions and answers are intended to give customers the information they need to make informed decisions on sewer inspections in Carmel IN

What’s Involved in a Sewer Inspection?

Sewer inspections are typically done by cameras attached to snake lines. The camera records information on the sewer line’s condition, revealing root intrusion, cracks, collapses, clogs, and other issues.

When Should an Inspection be Performed?

Many homeowners get an inspection when they’re trying to sell, and home buyers often get them as well. It is wise to get an inspection at least once per year if the home is having drainage issues, or has had them in the past.

Why Are Inspections So Important?

Many sewer problems are difficult to detect. Just because the sinks are draining and the toilets are flushing doesn’t mean the sewer system is in good shape. However, sewer inspections in Carmel IN will reveal hidden problems within the sewer system before they cause severe and costly damage.

Is it Possible to Detect Sewer Problems Without an Inspection?

If there are serious sewer issues, the homeowner may see signs before the problem becomes serious. For instance, they may notice that the home’s plumbing fixtures have begun to drain very slowly, or that using one fixture may cause a backup in another. These are reliable signs of a sewer issue and should be handled right away.

If The Home Has a Sewer Gas Odor, Does It Mean There’s a Problem?

Unless the smell originates from water that’s backed up into the drains, it is likely not an indication of a problem. The most common reasons for sewage odors in the home are:

  • Dried-up P-traps
  • Vent leaks
  • A deteriorated wax ring on a toilet

Most of the time, these issues are inexpensive and easy to resolve, but some cases are more complex than others are. For problems with plumbing fixtures and sewer lines, check out Robysplumbing.com or call to schedule service today.

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