A Guide to Honey Bee Removal in Scottsdale AZ

Wasp, bee and hornet infestations near and in the home pose numerous risks, with stings being the most obvious. Getting rid of these pests with professional Honey Bee Removal in Scottsdale AZ can help homeowners avoid severe issues. In this guide is a closer look at the dangers and signs of bee infestation, as well as a discussion of the benefits of ASAP Bee Removal.


Being stung by a hornet, wasp or bee is very painful, and it can be deadly to those with allergies. Hornets pose a particular risk to these individuals, as they can sting many times without dying and they can cause the entire hive to join in on the attack. Anaphylactic shock is a serious risk, and it can be fatal if left untreated. Symptoms include hives, severe itching, trouble breathing, vomiting, abdominal pain and gastric distress. If an allergic person is stung by a hornet, wasp or bee, visit the closest ER right away or call 911.

Signs of Bee Infestation

The most reliable indications of a hornet, wasp or bee infestation in or near the home include dead insects and buzzing noises. Wasps eat dead bugs, and if the owner notices an increase in the number of dead insects around the house, there may be a need for Honey Bee Removal in Scottsdale AZ. Missing and damaged shingles are attractive to these pests, and they allow them to get into roof soffits, stucco walls and chimneys.

When the Homeowner Should Call a Professional

Whether the infestation is inside the home or somewhere on the exterior of the building, it is dangerous to handle it alone. The experts at Beeremovalnow.com can deal with it; they have the know-how, skills, tools and experience to get the job done safely. Bee removal professionals will wear special protective clothing to prevent injury and get the bees out in a safe and humane manner.
Don’t let hornets, wasps and bees harm children, pets and other family members. Call a bee removal professional today for more information on controlling bees, wasps, hornets and other stinging insects, or visit their website to schedule an appointment for service.

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