A Few Tips For Taking Care Of Your Heating And Cooling System And Equipment

The performance of the heating and cooling system in your home is absolutely essential to your comfort and safety and they are usually the biggest consumer of power in the home. Te system that provides your heating and cooling in St Charles must be well maintained to ensure that you have heat when you need it, cool air when you need it and it is provided at maximum efficiency and safety.

There are a few things that you should add to your maintenance routine, a little work on your part can ensure that your system performs as well as it should.

Regular attention to the filters:

Filters are used to clean the air that is delivered to the various rooms within your home, even in the cleanest homes the filter can easily clog which only makes your system work harder and longer which in turn consumes excessive energy and wear on the components. It is a good idea to change the filters once a month, they are not expensive for what they do; clean the air of dirt, pollen and mold spores before the air enters the home.

Keep the area around the compressor clean:

Central air condition systems have the compressor mounted outdoors. To do the job properly they must be completely free from obstructions. In the spring and again in the fall check that shrubs and plants have not encroached on the space and when you maintain your lawn and garden throughout the summer check to see that there are no leaves and other debris around the base and sides of the compressor.

Schedule annual service calls early:

Systems and equipment providing heating and cooling in St Charles must get regular maintenance by a professional. Don’t put off scheduling maintenance and a system tune-up. When you schedule early, before the weather changes you can avoid emergency callouts when the temperature plunges.

When the service technician is at your home don’t hesitate to ask for advice. You can be assured that they will be happy to give you a few additional pointers on what you can do between his visits.

If you are looking for a company that provides maintenance and repairs for heating and cooling in St Charles you are invited to contact Blue Frost Heating & Cooling; ask for information on their maintenance plan.

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