A Few Pointers When Buying A New Car

by | Apr 30, 2016 | Automobile

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There are a number of ways you can buy a used Chevy; there are plenty of used car dealers, you can even buy direct from the current owner. However, to buy a brand new car there is only one option, you have to visit the Chevy dealers in Bolingbrook. Buying a new car is actually not that difficult, a responsible dealer will walk you through the models available and the price ranges. If the process is difficult it is usually because the buyer is not actually prepared to make this purchase.

A couple of things that you should do before stepping out your door are:

   *   Know your budget: Nobody knows your budget better than you do, you know all your obligations and you are well aware of your income. Most people overstate the amount they think they can spend on a new car because they tend to look at monthly payments rather than the bottom line cost. The best solution of course is to buy the car with cash but if you are like most buyers, you will finance the purchase. Limit the monthly payments to no more than 15 percent of your net pay, limit the term of the loan to 48 months max and put a down payment of at least 20 percent. If these targets are going to be difficult to meet, Chevy dealers in Bolingbrook can help you by showing a lower priced model or even a low mileage used car.

   *   Be flexible
: Although you may have a good idea of exactly what you want, be flexible. You may have a fixation on all the optional equipment that is available; if it doesn’t work out then drop some of the options. You still get the same great car and you will soon forget about the “bells and whistles” that you didn’t include.

Always ask if there are any incentives that just might help you make up your mind. There may be hidden rebates or discounts available on certain cars, don’t hesitate to ask. Contact Hawk Chevrolet Cadillac of Joliet to know more.

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