A Divorce Attorney in Waukesha, WI Helps When Parents Can’t Agree on Shared Custody of Children

When married couples start the divorce process, considering what’s best for the children is crucial. Unfortunately, the spouses often disagree on this in regard to various aspects. One common area of disagreement is whether the two should share physical custody and, if so, what type of schedule should be arranged. Even arranging regular visitation can be difficult if one of the spouses no longer lives in the immediate area. A divorce attorney in Waukesha, WI helps a client protect their rights during the negotiations.

One parent may very much want to share physical custody equally with the other. This parent might be offering an arrangement in which the children stay at their home three days one week and four days the following. This technically can work as long as the kids are able to have continuity with school attendance and other routine aspects of life. However, the other parent may worry that this back-and-forth arrangement will be emotionally disruptive for the youngsters. Every few days, they essentially have to move out of one home into another.

A divorce attorney in Waukesha, WI can only represent one parent or the other, as otherwise there would be a conflict of interest. Nevertheless, the two parents are strongly encouraged to work together to come to an agreement. This might be done on their own if the split is amicable. Otherwise, their lawyers can set up collaborative sessions or a mediation process so they can work through the problem in a structured and supervised manner.

In today’s world, family court judges emphasize the importance of both parents being fully involved in the children’s lives. Most youngsters seem to adjust every well to shared physical custody and have the emotional benefits of knowing both parents want to spend a lot of time with them. The parents can make the process easy by ensuring that both homes have adequate bedroom space for the kids and that the children don’t need to move a lot of their belongings back and forth. Attorneys with a firm such as Horizons Law Group, LLC can provide more insight about shared custody agreements.

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