A Dentist Near Me Can Help Keep My Family’s Teeth Healthy

Decades ago many children visited the dentist only after their permanent teeth started coming in. Research and experience has shown that waiting until a child is already in school to begin regular dental checkups is a big mistake. Problems that could have been dealt with as baby teeth came in now are more serious, leading to the need for more treatment. Younger children are also often more willing to see visiting the dentist as an adventure rather than a punishment.

When should a child first see a dentist

Experts today recommend that infants as young as under a year old see a dentist if their baby teeth haven’t yet erupted, or six months after the first teeth come through the gums. Six-month visits are usually scheduled after the initial evaluation, a habit that a child needs to carry into adulthood. A child’s pediatrician may also recommend that a young child see a pediatric dentist if injury, disease or dental developmental delays are present.

How to find the right family dentist

Ideally a good dentist will be able to properly take care of the entire family’s teeth, but some dentists tend to be particularly adept at caring for children’s teeth. In addition to the typical cleaning and educational aspects of a dental visit, a good children’s dentist will work to help the child feel safe and comfortable during the cleaning process. Many family dental offices provide play areas for their young patients. More importantly, they give children the feeling that they’re being heard when they ask questions or express fears about the treatment they’re receiving.

Asking friends, neighbors and relatives for a recommendation is a good way to start a search for a family dentist. A dentist who has a good reputation and who doesn’t have suspicious claims filed with the state dental board is one to consider. It’s also a good idea to talk with a dentist before work begins. The scheduling and atmosphere of the dental office needs to be one a family with which a family is comfortable. Finding a Dentist Near Me shouldn’t be a difficult process.

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