A Closer Look At Locking Solutions in Floral Park NY

A homeowner has a lot of different Locking Solutions in Floral Park NY that they can buy. Different solutions can be used for different doors to the home. Before actually buying a lock for their home, a homeowner needs to explore all their options. Consulting with a locksmith is a good idea.


One of the most common Locking Solutions in Floral Park NY for homes is the deadbolt lock. There are basically two types of deadbolts that can be purchased by homeowners: Single-cylinder and double-cylinder. The single-cylinder lock only needs a key for the exterior section of the lock. The interior part of the lock can be operated with a knob. The double-cylinder lock requires a key for both sides. It’s considered the superior version of this lock type. If a deadbolt lock is going to be placed by glass, it needs to be a double-cylinder for the best security.

New-Age Locks

Nowadays, homeowners can buy locks that are computerized and relatively inexpensive. These smartlocks can be operated via voice control, smartphone, or computer. The status of the lock can also be easily checked the same way. Some can be used with traditional keys. Smartlocks can operate with a key Fob. When the owner gets close enough to the lock, it can unlock via the fob or a smartphone. It can be locked the same way. The locks can also operate on timers.

Benefits Of New-Age Locks

There are plenty of benefits associated with new-age locks. With some models, every family member can have their own codes that are used with the lock’s keypad. The codes can be rendered useless whenever the homeowner wants to do so. For example, a kid’s code can be deactivated at night so the owner doesn’t have to worry about anything. Locks can also be locked and unlocked remotely. Some even come with cameras. People who want locks can visit a place like Able Lock Shop to see what is for sale.

Any homeowner in the market for new locks should take their time while shopping around and see what the market has to offer. There are some truly remarkable solutions being sold these days. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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