A Brief History of Your HVAC System in Atlanta, GA

Most people don’t think much about their HVAC system in Atlanta, GA. They take it for granted the unit cools them in the summer and can keep them toasty warm in the dead of winter. Have you ever wondered what the history behind the HVAC system is? It’s actually a pretty interesting story. Read on to learn a brief history of the HVAC system.

Starting in 1902

A simple textile mill engineer invented a ventilation machine that was capable of adding moisture in the form of water vapors to the air. This created a humidity that made yarn easier to work with. In 1925, a theater in New York City added a carrier design air conditioning system to their theater so their patrons could be cool and watch the show in style.


The first individualized air conditioning unit is invented, which was capable of sitting on a window ledge. The only problem was though they were made available to anyone, they had a price tag of anywhere between $10k to #50k a piece. This made them too expensive for most people’s wallets. It wasn’t until 1939 that air conditioners for cars were invented, bringing a whole new kind of cool to the world.

1950 to the Present

The 1950s saw air conditioner prices coming down. Soon, just about every home in America had one installed in a window. Not long after, the HVAC systems of today were invented and central cooling units became extremely popular.

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