A Bail Agent in Glens Falls, NY Can Explain the Terms of the Bond

When someone has been arrested, a bail bond can help them be released faster so they do not have to remain in jail until their hearings are over. However, the defendant will need to follow all of the terms of the bond while they’re released so they do not risk the bond being revoked. They can speak with a bail agent in Glens Falls, NY to get a more thorough understanding of the terms of the bond. Some of the terms can include the following.

Attend All Hearings

Most bail bonds will require the arrested person to attend all of their hearings. This is a way to make sure they are still in the area and to ensure they are active in their defense even if they have a lawyer representing them. In some cases, it may be possible for the lawyer to attend for them, so they will want to clarify this before they risk missing a hearing.

Stay Within City or County Limits

Most people who are out on bond will need to remain within the city or county limits at all times. There are exceptions to this, but they need to be written into the bond paperwork and may need to be approved by a judge. If the person does need to leave the city or county, they will need to make sure they are allowed before they leave.

Avoid Further Legal Trouble

If someone released from jail on bond is arrested again, their bond may be revoked. This means they’ll need to remain in jail pending the outcome of their hearings and may make it more difficult for them to obtain a bond in the future.

Attend Mandatory Classes or Rehab

Some bail terms will require the person to take mandatory classes or to start participating in a rehab program. If this is part of the bail’s terms, it will be a part of the bond’s terms as well.

If you have a loved one who has been arrested, a bail agent in Glens Falls, NY can help you with the bond process. Make sure you and your loved one understand the terms of the bond so they do not risk the bond being revoked. Schedule an appointment to speak with a bail agent today to obtain a bail bond or to learn more about the process.

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