7 Steps to Addiction Recovery

You’re ready to kick back the addiction. The first step to getting your life back on track is undergoing detox and rehab. First, you’ll need to look for a facility. Here are 7 steps to help you out:

Do your research

You’ll have an easier time with your search if you know where to go and how to start. Research can help you to find out how various addiction recovery approaches work.

Know what you need

What kind of help and assistance do you need? This helps determine which detox centers in Sacramento is right for you. Don’t forget to check out the list of treatment programs available at the facility.

Explore your options

What of facilities meet your needs and budget? Is the facility recognized by industry experts? What kind of credentials and qualifications does the facility have? Find out, says Help.

Pick a program

This will entirely depend on how dependent you are to the drug. Residential treatment programs often work better for those who have struggled with longtime drug abuse. However, intensive outpatient treatment programs also make it possible for you to pursue treatment while going to work or school.

Think about travel time

If you’re going to show up for your appointments regularly, it would help if you pick a detox facility that’s near where you live or work. That way, you won’t be late for your appointments.

Check for fit

Not all the detox centers in Sacramento will hit the mark for you. Some treatment programs might employ a catholic-based approach to the treatment. Decide on what kind of atmosphere you want and go from there.

Ask about aftercare

Aftercare programs are often key to preventing relapse. This is especially true for patients who have just completed residential treatment programs. Transitioning to a world outside the facility can be hard. A supportive aftercare program and network could make all the difference between staying sober and falling into relapse.

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