6 Things To Know About Cloud Hosting

Cloud computing is still a relatively new technology for many businesses. The benefits of cloud-based solutions compared to typical software applications hosted on a single machine or a private server make it an exceptional choice for a small business, startup company, or a business with multiple local, national, or international branches, offices, or locations.

There is still considerable misinformation out there about cloud hosting and cloud computing. The following are six interesting facts about cloud-based technology that pinpoints the value of this technology.

  • Enhanced security – the infrastructure offered by cloud hosting services varies with the top hosting companies providing levels of security on public, hybrid, private, and specialized clouds that exceed the security used by most companies for on-site servers.
  • Reduced cost of doing business – moving to cloud-based applications reduces business expenses for over half of all companies. As businesses grow, the cost savings increase while the technology always stays current.
  • Increased productivity – leading cloud hosting services offer uptime over 99.9% while also offer exceptional speed for access and retrieval of data and data processing.
  • Less IT demand – by moving to cloud hosting, companies of all sizes see a decrease in the demand for their IT department. For smaller businesses, this offers a considerable cost-saving in outsourcing IT support to manage business operations.
  • Data storage – while an estimate, there were approximately 40 Zettabytes of information stored in clouds in 2020. A zettabyte is a trillion gigabytes.
  • Specialized clouds – with the global use of cloud technology across all industries, specialized clouds, including SAP, HIPPA compliant, and banking and financial clouds, have evolved to meet all standards and security requirements.

The use of cloud technology continues to grow and add benefits to businesses across the globe.
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