6 Reasons Your Car Insurance Premiums are High

If you’ve ever wondered why some people pay for higher premiums for car insurance in Jacksonville than others, here’s a look at some of the factors that determine those rates:

Your car

The kind of car you drive can spike your insurance premium. If yours is on the list of Florida’s most stolen cars, says the DMV, then expect those rates to be a bit higher than the average.

Your residence

Florida is a no-fault insurance state. That means the insurance company will pay for your medical costs up to the limits of your policy, independent of whether you caused the accident or not. However, it does require residents to have car insurance so you’ll need to get coverage for PIP and property damage liability car insurance. That’s easy enough to do since Florida offers one of the lowest insurance coverage minimums in the country.

Your traffic violations

If you’ve got a long list of traffic violations, that could also increase your insurance premiums. That’s because insurance companies believe that you’re more likely to make a claim than someone who doesn’t have a spotty driving record.

Your car’s age

Newer cars tend to command higher collision coverage rates than older ones. If you buy a second-hand car, you could enjoy lower rates. However, if the car is too old, that might not be the case. Ask your insurance company to find out what their policy is.

Your car’s safety rating

A vehicle with a high safety rating increases the chances of you ending up with only minor injuries in a road collision or accident. That’s one way to lower premiums for your car insurance in Jacksonville.

Your credit score

Lower scores generally mean higher insurance costs. Want to change that? Take steps to improve your credit rating so insurance companies won’t consider you a credit risk.

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